Benefits of Booking Directly with Hotels Online

Benefits of Booking Directly with Hotels Online

Are you planning to go for a vacation or a business trip anytime soon? Then, now is the time to book a room in the hotel of your choice. One frequent practice that people have is that of booking a hotel through an online travel agency (OTA), a third party. This arises due to the prevailing belief among travelers that they would be able to avail the best hotel deals if they book a hotel room through an OTA. This, however, is a misnomer. Here’s why it is always better to reserve your room directly with a hotel.

1: Booking Directly with a Hotel is More Economical

You’re surprised to read that, aren’t you? Well, you read that right! Booking directly with a hotel is actually cheaper than booking with an OTA as recently, a high proportion of hotels have made it a point to reduce their hotel prices owing to the fact that OTAs allow one to draw a comparison of the prices of various hotels.

2: Booking with a Hotel Directly Gives You Customized Rooms

No two travelers are alike; each traveler has their own needs. Often this fact is forgotten when you book a room through an OTA. This, however, is not the case when you reserve a room directly with the hotel. The hotel that you book your room in will take into account all your needs and make all the appropriate arrangements to accommodate them.

3: Direct Booking Gives You More Flexibility

If you book your hotel room through an OTA, you will not have the flexibility to cancel your stay as this would entail a hefty cancellation fee. This, however, is not the case when it comes to most of the hotels. This allows one the room to make a cancellation on your reservation without having to shell your money on unnecessary penalties.

4: Avail additional benefits on direct booking

Some hotels, in order to encourage direct bookings, offer an array of benefits such as free Wi-Fi, free pick-up & drop-off service from the nearby airport, complimentary breakfast and so forth. These benefits may not be available to you in case you book directly with a hotel.
So, the next time you’re about to book a room with an OTA, think twice!