Explore the Best places to see in Vadodara

Explore the Best places to see in Vadodara

Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad is credited for establishing the modern city ‘Vadodara’. He introduced a number of social reforms, compulsory primary education and gave great importance to economic development. Filled with rich historical background, today the city is considered as one of the most important centers for textile, chemical and oil industries.

The city has many beautiful places, be it the architectural wonders or the religious attractions. Some of the major places waiting to be explored in Vadodara are:

Laxmi Vilas Palace

The palace was one of the largest private dwellings which are now open to the public. It was built by Maharaja Sayajirao in 1890. The remarkable collections of old armory and sculptures made of terracotta, bronze and marbles belonging to the royal family can be found inside the palace.


Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery

It has an extensive collection of art, sculpture, ethnography and ethnology. Various treasures like the Egyptian mummy, skeleton of a blue whale, Akota bronzes dating back to the 5th century AD, collections of Mughal miniatures, the gallery of Tibetan arts and several European oils are preserved inside the museum. The picture gallery houses an excellent collection of paintings by famous British painters Turner and Constables.


EME Temple

The temple was built by Electrical and Mechanic Corps of Indian Army. With the unique concept, design and geodesic structure it is a major attraction for the tourists. The interesting part of the temple is that, it displays various features of different major religions of India. The landscape inside the temple is beautiful and well maintained.


Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum

Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum is housed within the Laxmi Vilas Palace. The museum houses a large number of artwork belonging to Maratha Royal Family and paintings by European and Indian artists. There is a   gallery featuring  Japanese and Chinese sculptures and many other major collections.


Sayaji Baug

Sayaji Baug also known as Kamati Baug is one of the largest gardens in western India. This park was dedicated to the citizens of Baroda by Maharaja Sayai Rao Gaekwad. There are more than 98 species of trees inside the garden. The garden is home to Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery.