Weekend Destinations from Kolkata

Weekend Destinations from Kolkata

Kolkata, the beautiful capital of West Bengal loaded with some excellent spots and engulfed in pioneer architecture, craftsmanship and festivities is one best destination to visit by tourists and travellers. Going with the sweetness of Bengali dialect all around, Kolkata turns into an unquestionable destination to go for everybody once in their lives. With world famous venues and heritage landmarks like Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens, Howrah Bridge, Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Indian Museum and many more. Kolkata enclosing a beautiful environment for tourists and travellers is one prominent destination in India to enjoy with family and friends and making visitors going to the city again and again. But along the sightseeing in Kolkata, West Bengal offers other nearby destinations to visit for the travellers and for the natives to visit. Let’s know more about the nearby neighboring destinations to visit and enjoy a perfect weekend.

Digha (183 Km)
Digha is the most popular seaside resort in West Bengal, filled with beaches and serenity, the place becomes one of most popular destinations in Kolkata among the tourists and natives to visit and enjoy a happening weekend. It’s most famous attractions to see will be the Digha Beach, Udaipur Sea Beach, Shankarpur Beach and Old Digha. Also the Marine Aquarium and Research Centre and Lord Shiva Temple At Chandaneswar are other points of interests in Digha for the places to enthrall.

Sundarbans (109 Km)

The Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal is famous all over India. The area covered with mangrove forests holds the largest reserve of Bengal Tiger and also of many other varitites of flora, mammals, birds and reptiles. The dense national park becomes one of the major destinations around Kolkata perfect for Weekends. Apart from Bengal tiger, Fishing cats, Leopard cats, Macaques, Wild boar, Indian grey mongoose, Fox, Jungle cat, Flying fox, Pangolin, Chital can be found in the National Park.

Krishnanagar (112 Km)

Krishnanagar is a busy city in Nadia district of West Bengal on the southern bank of Jalangi River. Famous for its sweets, the city is an unusual place to attract visitors from Kolkata and other parts to enjoy the busy streets of the city. Bethuadahari Forest, Bahadurpur Forest, Hasadanga Beel and Siddheshwari Kalibari Mandir are the favorite places to visit by the tourists to feel the divinity, naturalism and authenticity of West Bengal.

Haldia (125 Km)
A city in Purba Medinipur in West Bengal, and a major riverport near the mouth of Hooghly River. Being one of the major trade port of Kolkata, Haldia is counted as a busy professional working city but also consists its beautiful attractions to charm its visitors. A visit at the Haldia Dock and Port is a sight to see with the water-body stretched to the horizon and the view of serenity with tranquility within the sounds of works. Balughata Riverside Sunset Point, Mahishadal Rajbari and Goplajew Temple and Muktidham Temple are other exaples to visit and explore the amazing cultural beauty of West Bengal.