1. 1 KG vanilla sponge – easily available from local 8 kiwi fruit
  2. 1 kg heavy whipping cream
  3. 2 00 gms icing sugar
  4. 1 tsp vanilla essence.
  5. 8 fresh ripe kiwi fruit
  6. 150 gms maraschino cherry pitted and chopped for stuffing between the layers of sponge.
  7. 250 g strawberries sliced

Method :-

  1. Cut out two rims of sponges of 10 ‘ and 6 ‘ diameter. Trim edges and sides evenly.
  2. Slice sponge horizontally into 2 equal slices each. Peel and slice kiwi fruit and strawberries.,
  3. Moisten the sponge layers with water, sugar and essence/ with water, sugar and essence syrup to make the cake lucious.
  4. Whip cream to soft peaks and add icing sugar. Divide into 3 portions – Whip kiwi, strawberries’ essence separately to stiff peaks. Mix in chopped trimmings of left-over fruit and cherries with the cream spread to layer between the sponge slices.
  5. Cover entire cake with whipped cream and garnish cake with slices of kiwi fruits and strawberries – making individual cakes. Mount smaller over the bigger forming two tiers. Refrigerate at least 20-30 minutes before serving. Serve ceremoniously

Aman Tandon
Regional Exec. Chef
The Pride Hotel

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