Eco Destination 1 # Ecuador

Lets begin with our First eco tourism destination. A country which contains both Amazon rain forest and the Galapagos Islands,  2 amazing geographical gifts and more, Ecuador wins the title of best ecotourism destination. Charles Darwin knew it back in the day when he made the Galapagos the central focus of his innovative and historical research on  evolution. The islands have since become the first natural UNESCO World Heritage Site. Darwin fanatics who want to see what all his excitement was over can visit the islands today, where innovative ecotourism efforts have visitors commune with scientists and animals alike and as a result, maintain the pristine beauty of the Galapagos.

Of course, Ecuador is home to a portion of the Amazon rainforest as well. As a result, the country is a dream for ecotourists. Imagine that in the same nation one can converse with researchers about the Galapagos tortoise and then a few days later, be under a rainforest canopy in a native jungle lodge. Ecuador has done a remarkable job in recent years to organize and promote sustainable tourism within the confines of the rainforest ecology. From river tours to jungle stays to specific rainforest forays for bird watchers, the country is awash with ecotourism opportunity. The recent development of cooperation between indigenous people and tour operators has had a huge impact and offers ecotourists a unique chance to live with locals whose lives intertwine with the natural cycle of the rainforest. As a result, outsiders gain brilliant insight into what life has been like in this exotic and wild part of the world for thousands of years.

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