Eco Destination 4 # Kerala

When people hear that India contains a tropical paradise home to some of the most eclectic biodiversity on the planet, many react with shock. But why? Think of how big the country is and the fact that it borders the Himalayas, Thar Desert and the Indian Ocean. A country with this geography cannot be homogeneous.                                                                       

Kerala is the tropical paradise in question and a leader in ecotourism in India. The state swims in variety. The people are the most diverse in India and Kerala’s wet evergreen forest has one of the most complex and unique flora on the planet. The best feature for ecotourists however, may be the level of organization that exists to accommodate those who want to trek and scout. The Western Ghats region in particular, is home to some of the best wildlife and virginal nature parks in India. Exotic trails take ecotourists on a virtual safari of rare birds, insects, plants and reptiles. It becomes apparent at first glance that conservation is a top priority in Kerala, much to the delight of visitors.

Bringing you close to the Gods own country , The Pride Hotels.

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