Eco Destination 5 # Hawai

The second non-continental U.S. state makes an appearance on our list and deservedly so. Hawaii is a hub of ecotourist activity and state efforts to organize, modernize and promote the industry have been superlative. To explore the islands of Hawaii is to become one with a lush, rich and diverse environment in total isolation from the rest of the world. Visitors can also commune with unique Polynesian history. The Big Island of Hawaii and Kaua’i contain many archaeological digs whose purpose is to gain more insight into pre-colonial heritage. Ancient temples blend in with the volcanic landscape and offer a myriad of ways to spend your ecotourism time here.   
The State Parks of Hawaii are legendary and offer hundreds of miles of trails to hike, in addition to other pursuits for those who want to handglide or kayak, for example. In terms of natural beauty, one has only to imagine what millions of years of island isolation has done in terms of flora and fauna diversity in Hawaii. There are 1,400 native species of plants alone, many on near-inaccessible mountain cliffs – a source of excitement for any novice botanist on an ecotour. Bird watchers are equally at home in Hawaii, with dozens of endemic species to the islands. If whales and seals are more your bag, many of Hawaii’s ecotourism efforts centre on these popular acquatic mammals.

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