Eco destination 5 # Borneo , Malaysia

Borneo with its primal unpredictability and unique ecology draws into it the attention of  Eco tourists, scientists and researchers alike. New animal species are still being discovered on this Malaysian island, which should give one a pretty clear picture of how untouched the environment is by human intervention.

From Mount Kinabalu – no peak in Southeast Asia is higher – to dense rainforest trails, Borneo packs a lot of ecotourism choices in one island. The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre is a popular destination, as are the virtually endless mangrove wetlands, with all the requisite lush flora and exotic fauna they offer. The Sukau Rainforest Lodge is where many ecotourists choose to spend the night. The resort is a model of self-reliance and has won awards as a result. Sukau runs on rainwater and solar power and integrates beautifully within the environment, with observation decks for wildlife viewers, electric motorboats and a 1,500 foot boardwalk from which visitors can monitor Borneo’s elephants.

So plan your next holiday in this green paradise which is home to nature’s rarest species , get close to nature and its bounty with The Pride Hotels.

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