Sheera E Naranj

The climate is slowly turning towards being  hot  &  humid , the very refreshing , rejuvenating & thirst quencher  Sheera  E  Naranj  is an essential every household recipe authenticated  from the lands of Awadh.

Done-up in minutes! Out of every homemaker’s kitchen.

The Ingredients not only have an excellent medicinal combination which not only works as a heat buster but also as a hydrator in this humid climate. It has got amazing digestive properties too.                     

Time taken 10 mins – serves 4


2 tbsp Dry roasted and ground cumin seeds
4 tbsp FRESH Mint leaves paste
1/2 tsp Cilantro leaves paste
1/2 tsp Black Salt (also known as Rock Salt) }
2 tbsp Lemon Juice
Sugar POWDER – as per sweetness required salt to taste
5 cups sweet  lime  juice / orange  juice
1/4 tbsp Mint leaves (for garnishing)
Lemon slices
50 gms  of  ready made  boondi
3 Tsp Anardana  Churan


In a mixer / blender  mix all of the above ingredients except the water and mix well.
• Add the freshly squeezed   sweet  lime juice /  sweet  orange  juice   ( if available )
• Strain the blend , correct the seasoning in terms of salt , sour ,   and mint  if required …..
• Garnish with mint leaves , boondi , lemon slice
• Serve it in a tall glass / goblet,  chilled.

Chef’s tips :
* Some amount of  soda can also be added to give it a fizz.
* when it is mango season , chops of mango – sweet can also be added to give it a mango touch ,
* You may also add a pinch of jaljeera powder   to give it a punch
* Fusion of flavors can  also be tried  by fusing in strawberries, blue berries ,leeches, kiwi fruit , citrus sweet fruit etc, &  any other  berry fruits available in the season.

(Courtesy : Executive Chef Aman Tandon at ThePrideHotels Ahmedabad)

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