Hare Matar Ki Gilawat


500 gms fresh / frozen green peas

250gms  Spinach  for ( Natural Colour )                                        
100gms Channa Dal
1/4  tbs Garam Masala
1/8 tbs Javitri & Elaichi Pd.
1/5 tbs White Pepper
2drops Sweet Attar
½ tbs Red Chilly Pd.
½ tbs Amchoor Pd.
50gms. Cheese Grated
50gms. Crushed Cashew nuts
20gms Chopped Green Chilli
1tbs Chaat Masala
4nos. Laung
4nos. Elaichi
50gms. Cornflour
250gms. Desi Ghee
Salt to Taste
For Garnish
Lemon Wedge
Cucumber Slice
Tomato Slice
Laccha Pyaz

1) Boil spinach and cool. Drain out all water and make a fine  paste

2) Boil green peas and channa dal with laung and elaichi in 1.5ltr. of toned  milk . The dal should soak all water

3) Make spinach and green peas -  dal paste separately

4) Cook slowly dal paste using desi ghee till cooked completely

5) Cook spinach paste separately in little ghee and  Mix the two pastes together with rest of the masalas and little cornflour till a thin dough is formed

6)  Take 60gms of dough. Make balls. Centre the ball with chopped green chilli, cheese, chaat masala and crushed cashew nuts. Cook on slow fire on both sides till lightly coloured

7) Serve with the green relish , onion rings

(Courtesy : Executive Chef Aman Tandon from ThePrideHotels Ahmedabad)

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