Mallihabadi Aam Shahi Shikampuri Kebab

( A culinary  delicacy from the  mango-land  Mallihabad -  Lucknow – Awadh  . Butter soft cottage cheese, rolled  with wheyed out  yoghurt & shaped into roundels with zingy Mango chunks With a touch of secret soft spices from the SHIKAMPUR hamlet near Hyderabad making it a favorite recipe from the specialties of Rampur Cuisine )

½ kg Curd tied in a muslin cloth and hung till all the water drains out
Salt to taste
½ teaspoon White pepper powder
2 tablespoon Cornflour;
40 gm Roasted chana powdered
½ teaspoon Green Cardamom powder
1 teaspoon Saunf
200 gms paneer  fresh
Desi Ghee for frying
3 Green chillies fine chopped

250 gram Sweet  mangoes ,firm & chopped fine ( DUSHEHRI / KESAR / AMRAPALI )
10 gram    Ginger; julienned & CHOPPED
20 gram    Mint  leaves chopped fine
½ pinch Saffron strands
Salt to taste


1 ) Whey-out the curd and keep aside in a bowl . take fresh paneer and grate it fine , gradually start mixing the the whey ed out yoghurt  cheese into the paneer mashing and forming a homogeneous mixture  with the flat of the  palm  .

2)  Add salt, white pepper powder, cornflour, roasted chana powder, cardamom powder and saunf powder to the curd and mix well to form a firm dough .

3)  Mix all the ingredients for the filling. Divide the CURD  & PANEER mixture into PALM SIZE PATTIES , take a pinch of stuffing and roll into the  patties – first oval  and then pressing a bit on the head of the patty , flattening a bit and shaping into hearts  ensure that the rolling is done gently so that the stuffing is  well concealed into the roundels shaped patty .

4). Heat ghee in a mahi tawa / non- stick shallow pan and shallow fry the dumplings till done.


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