How to get there : Pride Hotel, Nagpur

The city of oranges goes truly five star with the Pride Hotel, Nagpur.Surround yourself with subtle elegance and personalized service. The stylishly designed 93 guest rooms are an ultimate expression of contemporary comfort and elegance where you can enjoy a host of amenities.

Let our directions guide your way to reach ThePrideHotels,Nagpur.


From Nagpur. International Airport:
Exit Left from International Airport towards Wardha Road Just opposite to Airport The Pride Hotel Nagpur is situated. Just ½ km.

From Nagpur International Airport:
Taxi: The fare is Approximately INR 250 Taxi stands are located outside the Exit Gate.


From Nagpur Main Railway Station:

Exit Left from Railway Station towards Ganesh tekdi
• Merge onto Ganesh Tekdi over bridge
• Merge onto sita burdi square Downtown
• Merge onto sita burdi over bridge Straight
• Keep straight at the saibaba temple wardha road and go onto somalwada square
• Keep straight on Wardha road road
• End at Airport square – The Pride Hotel Nagpur is on the left!


From Nagpur Main Railway Station:
Taxi: The fare is Approximately INR 300 Taxi stands are located at outside the Main entrance of the railway Station.

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