The Kakori Kaand Kebab

This very special kakori rajmaish do-rukhi seekh par has the goodness of two distinct flavors of the buttersoft kakori vegetarian mince rolled over each other cooked to perfection on a barbeque.

Boiled rajma 800gm                                                                              
Masala A:
Yellow chili: 8
Assorted garam masala: 1tbsp
Masala B (aromatic spice mix):
Black cardamom: 4
Green cardamom: 10
Coriander seeds: 10 gm
Masala C (paste form):
Poppy seed (khuskhus): 10 gm
Shahi jeera: 5 gm
Onion (to be fried till brown and crushed): 100 gm
Garlic (grind into fine paste): 100 gm
Ginger: 80 gm
Roasted gram flour: 200 gm
Pure ghee: 100 gm/ml
1)Mince boiled rajma till smooth, add salt and divide this mixture into three parts for seasoning of masala A, B, C.
2)Take three portions of rajma in a mixing bowl and add masalas A, B, C to different portions.
3)Place mixtures A and B in a copper pot and then put a burning coal in the centre of the bowl.
4)Keep some coarsely ground all-spice to aromatize and smoke the mince.
5)Quickly pour two tsp of desi ghee and cover quickly for dhungaar (to get a smoky flavor).
6)Keep the two mixes of masalas A and B covered for 10 mins. To the third mix with masala C, add crushed onions, paste C and ginger garlic paste.
7)Add roasted gram flour and blend well. Take a portion of mince A-followed by mince B and mince C over each other. Care should be taken that each course of mince is roasted before applying the next mince on each other.
8)Roast on the barbeque for a few mins till they turn into a golden brown color.
9)Take out carefully off the rods with the help of a cloth.
10)Arrange on the serving dish, garnished with onion rings, slit green chillies and fresh mint.
(Courtesy: Executive chef Aman Tandon from The Pride Hotels, Ahmedabad)

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