Aanaras Icecream Sondesh

( Very creative pineapple flavored sandesh with goodness of icecream , set and served creamy chilled )


  • 1/2 tin – condensed milk
  • 250 gms – fresh cow milk paneer ( cottage cheese )
  • 3 tbsp -  milk powder
  • 2 tbsp – cream, whipped
  • Few drops pineapple flavor
  • ½ cup tinned pineapple slice – chopped
  • Sugar powder to adjust sweetness
  • Slivered nuts for garnish


1.Knead paneer well with milk powder.

2.Add condensed milk and blend till creamy.

3.Mix it with fluffy whipped cream, chunks of drained pineapple  and spread 2″ thickness   on serving dish  and set in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes.

4.Cut into pieces and serve chilled garnished with tidbits of nuts and pineapple .

(This recipe was created at The Pride Hotels Ahmedabad by our Executive Chef, Aman Tandon)

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