Napoleon of Red Wine & Saffron Poached Pears, Ahi Tuna & Avocado on Soy peppery Reduction


Pears Fresh: 5 Ea
Tuna: 250 Gms
Avocado: 2 Ea
Saffron:  A little
Orange Juice: 150 ml
Lemon Zest: 1 Tsp
Red onions: 1 Ea
Rice wine Vinegar: ½ Tbsp
Cream (Unsweetened) Whipped: 1 Tbsp
Green Sprouts: 50 Gms
Red wine vinegar: 100 ml
Salt: To taste.
White Pepper Powder: To Taste
Soy sauce reduced with peppercorns



1) Wash, peel and slice and Cut into a small roundels.

2) Dissolve a little of saffron in warm water and let it infuse for a while, extracting color and flavor. Add orange juice to it. Reserve.

3) Poach half of red wine vinegar and 50 Ea in saffron & orange juice.


1) Cut fine brunnoise of Tuna, mix with chopped lemon & lime zest, fine chopped red onions and brunnoise of avocado.

2) Season with salt and white pepper powder.


1) In a miniature round eared dish, spoon a little of small dot of soy reduction.

2) Using Cutter , make a napoleon by arranging the roundel of red wine poached pears within the cutter at the base, spoon a little  of the tuna, avocado and  onion mixture  arrange the roundel of saffron poached pears  on top. This should be exactly half the height of the cutter.

3) Top up again with a little mixture, careful that it should end just below the rim of the cutter, leaving enough space to be topped with another roundel of red wine poached pear, which is the next step.

4) Garnish with whipped cream,  &  sprout

(Courtesy: Regional Executive chef Aman Tandon from The Pride Hotels, Ahmedabad)

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