A creative dessert for the auspicious occasion of Ramadan having goodness of traditional dates and dry fruits well blended and creamed to form a fluffy and mouth melting mousse as the last course on a Iftary.


For the cinnamon cream

1. 200 ml milk,
2. 1x cinnamon stick
3. 1 egg whipped
4. 50 sugar/ to taste
5. 1 tsp gelatin leaf
6. 200 ml whipped cream

For the almond and dates mix:
1. 50 g pitted and finely chopped dates
2. 50g butter
3. 50g sugar
4. 2 eggs
5. 50g ground almonds
6. 150g pastry cream (mix together with the dry fruits)

For the date puree

(top layer, all mixed, cook, keep cool and blend together)
1. Good quality seedless dates (12 to 14 pieces)
2. Half a cinnamon stick
3. 13g honey
4. Half tsp ground nutmeg
5. Few drops vanilla essence
6. 45ml water


1. For the cinnamon Bavarian, boil the milk and cinnamon stick, then mix the sugar with the egg yolk and hot milk. Whisk the cream with the gelatine – set aside .
2. Next is the almond cream . Mix the butter and sugar, and add the eggs one by one, and the almond powder, with the mixer turning it all into a cream.
3. For the dates puree – take the pitted dates and add the cinnamon stick, honey, ground nutmeg, water, and boil together.- till dark colored nectar is achieved Keep cool and blend together with the vanilla.

Finally , fold in all the three mixes in a bigger bowl and set in moulds in refrigerator – for 2 hours , bofore serving demould , sprinkle chocolate powder on top and serve attractively garnished with left over dates and cinnemon custard , chocolate arcs and available fresh fruit chunks as a compounded nutty and creamy dessert on IFTAR .

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