Indulge Your Taste Buds with Desserts from Kolkata at Pride Hotels

Chocolates, cakes, mousse, whipped cream, muffins are a few items that may be relished by someone who has a sweet tooth. If these western sweetmeats excite you, then you must try eastern delights in the ‘City of Joy’ Kolkata. Situated on the banks of the lovely Hoogly River, this pretty city boasts of a graceful culture, rich history and versatile future. Formerly known as Calcutta, this city is the capital of West Bengal.

When you set foot in this lovely city, you may find that every nook and corner has something exciting. Behind every ethnic door there may be incense haze and gleaming flowers decorated with light rangoli or artwork from coloured powder. The air is perfumed with the delicate smell of vermilion, camphor, ghee, the spiky odour of new clothes and pungent whiff from the kitchen.

Not only is this city visually appealing, it is great for your tastes too, thanks to the cuisine of this city. From strong fragrance of spices to mouth watering sweets, this city has it all. If you have a rather experimental sweet tooth then you should read further to know more about scrumptious Bengali desserts.

No Bengali cuisine is complete without mouth watering sweet dishes like payesh, misti doi, gurer sandesh, rasomalai, etc. Most of the Bengali sweets are prepared using chenna or cottage cheese. The sweet dishes of Bengal are popular worldwide, and form a very important part of Bengali matrimony. Whether you eat at one of the hotels in Kolkata or at a busy local market you are sure to enjoy every bite of these sweets.

At Pride, one of the premier Kolkata hotels, you may even find multiple variations of popular sweets that will create a memory of hospitality, warmth and a burst of taste in your mouth. For instance, we offer sponge Rasagullla, Kamola or the one filled with cream. Similarly, Sandesh or Mishti Dohi too come in lip-smacking fruit variations. In addition to this, you may also find rare tastes like pan masala, cookie and cocktail flavoured desserts in our hotel.

Besides desserts, at Pride, we offer a whole cuisine of Bengali items along with the right kind of traditional ambience, so you may enjoy authentic food and matching atmosphere while having these food items in a safe and hygienic place.

Enjoy these sweetmeats and experience joy in this city, known for its warmth, cheerfulness and a large heart.

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