Bikanery Multigrain Churme Ke Laddoo


1) Coarse Wheat Flour+ multigrain powder 1 cup each
2) 2 cups Rawa
3) ½ cup Powdered Sugar
4) 2 cup Jaggery
5) ¼ cup Water
6) 60 ml Assorted roasted Dry Fruits ( slivered )
7) 15-20 No.s Green Cardamom Powder (Elaichi)
8) ½ tsp Nutmeg / Jaiphal powder
9) Pinch to taste

Low fat milk to moisten and bind the muthias


1) Take coarse wheat flour, and add rawa to it. Add water and knead very tight dough
2) Make small balls/ muthias out of this dough and roast pre – dampened with milk
3) Once the wheat balls are golden allow them to cool, later grind them coarsely in a food mixer. Add Elaichi and Jaiphal powder in the ground wheat
4) Add shredded Jaggery and allow Jaggery to melt in the freshly roast , mix well
5) Mix well free of any lumps. To dampen , use small amount of milk on palms, take the choorma mix and make small round balls
6) Allow them to cool and place them in the air tight container

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