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Pride Chira Meadows Ecoresort & Wellness Spa, Dapoli

Pride Chira Meadows Ecoresort & Wellness Spa, Dapoli

Experience Unparalleled Luxury in Dapoli

Pride Chira Meadows Ecoresort & Wellness Spa is a resort built on principles of sustainable ecotourism, nature conservation and the wellness of our guests. Our professional team, with profound years of experience, is here to ensure that your stay is a merry experience for you and the surrounding nature alike! Our resort is a must-visit for travellers with a passion for camping in nature, adventure sports, wildlife and natural history tourism.

While the luxury, ambience and personal attention at the resort resonates with the pampered soul in you, the location, its history and the experiences it offers, evokes the wanderlust hidden beneath!
Prepare for a wholesome experience involving comfort, exploration and sustainability!

International Standards of Accommodation

Interior of Super Deluxe Room

Pamper yourself in the luxury of the elegant rooms at our resort in Dapoli that rivals international standards. From standard offerings for a budget-friendly stay to a Family Suite that exudes sheer luxury and extravagance, we have everything you're looking for! Treat yourself to an unforgettable staycation in the city of Dapoli.

The Taste of Heaven, Rediscovered

Coastal Aroma Interior
Coastal Aroma Table setting
Dining is a feast for the eyes, nose and tongue, and that is exactly what we offer, a succulent treat! Coastal Aroma, our in-house diner, is a fine-dine, coastal cuisine inspired restaurant in Dapoli that serves exotic dishes that taste like little drops of heaven! The indoor and outdoor seating facility, combined with the food festivals and specialties of the house, come together to make it a truly ethereal experience.

Banquets at our Resort in Dapoli

Box Seating

Pride Chira Meadows Ecoresort & Wellness Spa, Dapoli is the go-to choice for banquets and events in Dapoli. Our Resort in Konkan flaunts a conference hall, a meeting hall and a lawn that make for a holistic banqueting experience. Let us be the gracious hosts for your weddings, conferences, exhibitions, get-togethers, meetings and more!

Spa massage table

Spa & Wellness Centre in Dapoli

Let the brilliant massage techniques by our professional therapists knead away your stress and knots. Prepare to be revitalised and feel like a younger, more energetic version of yourself within hours! Visit our spa in Dapoli for a cleansing experience.