Good Food, Vibrant Colours and a Rich Heritage: Yes it’s all about Gujarat!

If in case you are planning your long due vacation, Gujarat could be one state that you should try and explore. Get off the beaten track and visit Gujarat for a truly refreshing and culinary rich experience. A significant number of its fast developing cities such as Ahmedabad and Vadodara are now critical business centers of the country which is why they attract travelers from different parts of the world. Ahmedabad is now one of the most developed cities in India and contributes a good sum in the GDP of the country. The traditional and skilled artisans in the remote and tribal villages in Gujarat are known for their intriguing weaving work, and for making some of India’s finest clothing pieces.
Gujarat is home to some uncommon and exceptional wildlife that includes migratory birds, wild asses and the final prides of Asiatic lions. It is also a popular religious destination among the Jain and Hindu devotees as there are many pilgrimage sites scattered across the state. Gujarat additionally has a special association with the life and work of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, as Porbandar, a place in Gujarat is his birthplace. His legacy is still saved in the gallery called Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya at the Sabarmati Ashram and his principles are followed with utmost devotion. The famous Dandi March was started here by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930.
One of the things that standout amongst the rich history, buzzing city and its architectural marvels in Gujarat is its aromatic and flavourful cuisine. Its cuisine is well-known across the globe and is something that you should definitely try for a different culinary experience altogether. Few details of the Gujarati cuisine have been mentioned below:
•Regardless of having a broad coastline that offers sufficient chances to catch and feast on the tasty seafood, Gujarat is principally a ‘vegetarian state’ because of the influence of Jainism and Vaishnavism. However, there are many who still incorporate non-vegan delicacies in their diet.
•Many Gujarati dishes are particularly sweet, salty, and hot at the same time. Gujarati food is one of the oldest cuisines of the nation and every dish has its extraordinary style of cooking.
•The assortment of pickles, farsans, chutneys and other dishes of the Gujarati cuisine have been found to be high on nutritional value.
•The real essence of Gujarati food that makes it so nourishing and tasty is the fact that it uses ordinary vegetables and mild spices.
•Some of the most prevalent dishes are: Khandvi, Gujarati Samosa, Gujarati Uundhyu, Gujarati Kadhi,Dhokla, MethikaThepla, Dal Dhokli, Handvo, and so on.
Apart from the food, Gujarat has many other interesting things to offer to its visitors. The incredible Rann of Kutch is a sight to behold. It is a regular salt marsh situated in the Thar Desert and is a must visit destination. The sumptuous food, rich culture and friendly population of the state definitely make it worthy of being in any travel enthusiasts bucket list. So, are you going to keep on reading or pack your bags already?