Baga Beach

Must Visit Popular Beaches of Goa

Must Visit Popular Beaches of Goa

Beaches are the only dream of many people where they like to create the hymn of memories under the presence of deep blue sky with the water sideways. In India, it is no new thing that Goa is famous for the alluring beaches, where some of them have gained the dominant position. Being the smallest state of India this place too has not left any contingent to acquire the title of the best place to travel. Goa has such beaches where the body of water has no deadline, where you find water accompanied by coconut and palm trees along with line of shacks. The place where you find tiny rose starfish on the gleaming sand accompanied with shells, beautiful shells polished with the different tint. Where the fisherman rows in a boat to find their fresh catch, hoping to catch a fortune. And the sun sets with glowing crimson leaving the mark of shadow on the stirring water. The place where pearls are gathered and different sort of water animals are found.
The popular beaches of Goa on our lists which are a must try are mentioned below:

Baga Beach

Out of the outnumbered beach, Baga Beach is the popular one; this magnificent beach got its name from the Baga Creek. It is for the people who enjoy water sports especially when there is more than scenery to view. Water sports such as parasailing, banana rides and dolphin cruises etc. are here to uplift the mood of those who have never tried and for those who have already proved. Other than that here, you will witness the artistry of fishing boats and those splendid rows of cottages.

Calangute Beach

This beach has both name and fame, and has seized the position of top ten bathing beaches all over the world and that’s amazing. The brimming nightlife here is so wonderful that words are inadequate to justify and day life is all about enjoying sunbath and resting under the shade of multi-colored umbrella. It is a splendid tourist retreat which has been replete with souvenir stalls, shacks and other stalls selling everything from beer to trinkets. One can even shop in their leisure time. There is abundance of shops varying from the handicrafts to the paintings, trinkets, handbags, etc. It also offers varieties of water sports, apart from that, activities like spotting dolphin and crocodile as well as visiting the island for fishing or angling can be done.

Arambol Beach

Always wanted to swim but not able to do so due to wave? Ah this beach has sweet water pond right on the shore. This beach is rocky and sandy which is situated 50 km. away from Panaji. Tourists mainly visit this beach during the frigid month of winter, wondered why? Because it has the hot springs which cause one to take a dip in the water filled with sulphurous mud. From the salty water to the hot springs, this beach also has fresh water lake surrounded by thick jungle.

Varca Beach

One of the cleanest and the most popular site in Goa is varca beach. People usually praise the clean-cut marvellous white sand that is dislodged all over the shore wrapped by the beryl sea. There is somewhat peace and serenity in this place, as the nature is virtually unexploited which enables one to consign to oblivion the dilemma bustling on their life.

Candolim Beach

What fun will it be if there is a short distance in the beach to tour? Candolim beach is one of the longest beaches in goa. It has many attractions from the oldest church in Asia to the awesome resorts. Like in all the beaches, it too has the watersports for the watersport maniac. And yes wondered about the sunburn festival of December? It is held in this beach which attracts thousands of tourists and local people. Night club here reckons the fun in the reticent life. So what are you waiting for, plan and get ready for your next vacation to visit such alluring destinations.