Imperial Banquet Halls at Pride Plaza Hotel, Ahmedabad



Deals and meals go hand-in-hand when it comes to banquet halls. Our Imperial Halls have been spaciously and lavishly designed for meeting your business or wedding requirements. This banquet hall in Ahmedabad can also be divided into 3 separate partitions to suit your requirement. Perfect for convention meetings, discussions, a formal arrangement or lavish occasions, we have the venue to suit and the service to match your needs. We can conveniently accommodate up to 250 guests in the Imperial 1 Hall and 220 guests in the Imperial 2 Hall.
Book your reservations today and turn your social event into a real-time splendour. 

The Imperial Hall can be partitioned into 3 parts - The Imperial Hall, Imperial 2, and Imperial 3. The respective seating arrangements for each are as follows:
Seating ArrangementsThe Imperial Hall Imperial 1 Imperial 2 
Auditorium Seating450225125
U Seating500250150 -
Double 'U'Seating1506050
Classroom Seating 2007060
Boardroom Seating20012580
Round table1206050
Auditorium with Black Projection2008570
Buffet with Seating45012585
Reception with flowing crowd1000 200