An Insider's Guide to Goa by Pride

Goa perfectly combines natural beauty, lively nightlife, and a tropical environment. It is also nicknamed as the party capital of India, which consists of phenomenal beach destinations that are a crowd favorite among Indian and foreigners alike. Even though Goa is known for its buzzing beaches with shacks, amazing hospitality of the local people, cost-effective alcohol, parties, and scores of people thronging towards the beaches, this is just a tourist’s perception of Goa.

The real Goa is a much more laidback, serene and not to mention, a beautiful place. Whenever a person thinks of a coastal retreat there are the sights of gleaming sands and azure waters with a shimmering sun in the backdrop. A lush green landscape edges the golden coastline, which overlooks the scintillating seas and it is only found in Goa. Typically the tourists have divided Goa into two parts; North Goa and South Goa, which are most famous for their shacks and party vibes. But don’t restrict yourself to just partying wild in Goa. There is so much more to do than just hopping from shack to shack and drinking like there is no tomorrow. From kayaking to island hopping and from exploring the mystical caves to quenching your adrenaline rush, there are many fascinating things to do in Goa.

stock image of surfing in goa
stock image of a couple at the beach

In North Goa, the most busiest and popular beach is Baga Beach, where night never ends, with a huge array of nightlife, hotels, and restaurants. It is also close to the famous Saturday Night Market, which concludes the perfect destination to start your Goa memories journey with your significant other. So, if you love to indulge in all things affordable yet luxurious when on holiday, then let us guide you through the most prestigious resort that screams luxury, by Pride Hotels Group.

Pride Sun Village Resort and Spa is the place where you can see and unravel the colors and adventure of Goa, by just entering and living in this resort. It is close to one of the famous beaches i.e Baga Beach. The rooms are splendidly aesthetic for guests to find comfort and style along with unmatched luxury. The design of the room has been exclusively constructed to offer a fantastic view of the huge Azure swimming pool. Views from the newly renovated rooms are alike too. Grab that book you always wanted to read but couldn’t. Our library corner will ensure you a calm and peaceful read. We take our guests on a gastronomic adventure by selectively hand-picked herbs and freshly ground spices to add to the mesmerizing aroma and taste of continental delicacies that are made with love by our expert chefs. It's not only appetizing for the stomach but also for the eyes and soul which offers the perfect feast. The wide range of mocktails and cocktails cannot be missed. With enchanting aromas and tempting flavors in zesty cuisines, the place just sets a relaxed vibe along with astounding surroundings.

View of the swimming pool at Pride Sun Village Resort and Spa, Goa

If you’re looking forward to a “happening” holiday, if you need a relaxing respite from your hectic lifestyle, if you’re planning a family holiday, a quick weekend getaway with friends, or looking for some cherished moments with that special someone, Pride Sun Village Resort And Spa has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday recipe.