Indore voted as the ‘cleanest city of India’, is also one of the fastest developing cities in our country. Growing at an exponentially fast pace, this smart city is becoming a major tourist attraction, especially for all those travelers who are looking for a break from clichéd holiday destinations like Goa and thinking of spending some quality time with their loved ones at offbeat locations. Taking into account this fact, we deftly collated a list of the best places in Indore that you must visit with your family and friends.

Lal Bagh Palace

Inhabited by the heirs of the Holkar dynasty, this splendid palace is the epitome of grandeur and grace. Spread over a sprawling expanse of 28 acres, it is a superb example of the architectural brilliance of the time. Overlooking the Khan River, this palace was constructed with much endurance over a span of 35 long years! Today, it exists as a museum housing some of the most valuable artifacts of the Maratha & Mughal Empire. It boasts of outstanding architectural features like Italian marble columns, rich Persian carpets, grand chandeliers, Belgium stained glass windows and Italian style wall paintings. The palace-turned-museum opens its doors between 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM on all days of the week barring Monday.

Rajwada Palace

Built-in 1747 A.D. by Malhar Rao Holkar, founder of the Holkar Dynasty, the Rajwada Palace is known to be the commercial hub where all the trading activities of the city took place. It is known to have been subjected to three incidents of fire and was restored to its lost glory in 2006 when it was revamped under the supervision of H.H.Ushadevi Holkar, the Maharani of Indore. A fusion of the Maratha, Mughal and French architectural styles, the palace is known for its beautiful design comprising of fountains, an artificial waterfall and a few wonderful pieces of sculptures dating back to the 11th-century. What is particularly remarkable about the palace is the enchanting beauty of Rani Ahilya throne, Ganesha Hall and Darbar Hall. As the twilight sets in, the palace also allures a swarm of young visitors for a Light and Sound Show.

Kanch Mandir

Beautifully fashioned out of glass, this Jain Temple is one of the finest examples of exemplary craftsmanship. It is adorned by exquisitely designed glass panels with intricate detailing exuding the various facets of Jainism. It houses the idols of Jain Tirthankaras. It was built to commemorate the eminent industrial leader Seth Hukumchand Jain.

Chhappan Dukan

Chhappan Dukaan is one of Indore’s busiest street food hubs. It has an array of gastronomic treats in store for its visitors serving specials such as chaat, idli and dosa that will tantalize your taste buds. It lights up brightly at night with zealous crowds swarming to indulge in the local delicacies as they indulge in some lively conversations.

Patal Pani Waterfalls

Situated along the Indore-Khandwa road, this 35 km fall cascades down with enormous force, creating a magical effect upon the visitor and leaving them spell-bound. This is a popular picnic hub not only for its trekking activities but also due to the fact that it is situated in close proximity to numerous equally worth-seeing destinations such as Bagh Caves and Burhanpur.
Indore houses some of the most fascinating tourist attractions that you must explore with your friends. This makes it a fascinating city for visitors from other states and the natives of the city alike.